Hire Private Caregiver for Senior Residence

Hire private caregiver for residence to bridge support 

Hire a Private Caregiver for Residence

Families who are new to placing a senior loved one in a senior home

To hire a private caregiver for residence where your loved one resides will lend you another set of eyes and ears to pay attention to any signs of neglect or abuse in the senior home.

To begin with, we are always concerned about the well being and security of our senior loved ones, especially when they begin to need additional support at home.

You may start to notice and catch conversations with people talking about what is going on with their parents and the choices they’ve made. More often than not you hear about the negative experience that people had with a residence, rather than a good one. Senior community villages, towers, condos are being built at an alarming fast rate to accommodate what is ahead with our rapidly growing aging population.

The great concern among all people who face placing a loved one in a long term care residence, is if the quality of care promised is the actual care provided.

For the most part what private and public residences both have in common is  that is their is a shortage of staff for each shift, and it is affecting the quality and quantity of care. A common complaints among care attendants is that they do not have enough staff to accommodate the workload, and complain on a regular basis to management, yet not much is done about it.

What if you sign the residence lease contract, make the move and it turns out to be not at all what you expected? The cost of living in a residence increases over time due to care needs increasing, and while the increments are small it adds up over time. It is important keep a close eye on the additional charges.

You want to know what all your options are before you sign on the dotted line at the residence of your choice. To move you senior loved one(s) every time you do not like a residence, is not practical and also not the best option. Change is hard enough for seniors, add a little chaos for the family too and you have a very stressful situation.

What many families do now is hire private caregivers to be more present in the day to day life of a senior loved one. If the cost of the extra care is a main factor, then what most people do is remove the extra residence services, and then direct the funds towards hiring a caregiver.

Private caregivers can perform 90% of the additional services that the residence will charge extra for and not only that, your senior loved one will have a one on one companion. Hire the right caregiver and you can see and feel immediate results,  as well as drastically reduce or eliminate any fears of neglect or abuse within a senior home. To have a trusted presence beside family is beyond priceless. 

Something worth mentioning too, is that some residences work hand in hand with large home care companies, and offer caregivers from these companies in the senior residence.  When you hire a private caregiver separate from the residence, it provides you the opportunity to see the daily issues or situations from a detached stand point. You will receive the full details of what your caregiver may see as a concern. Family members have every right to hire a caregiver in a residence, and allow them to be with your loved one as you see fit.

Just to clarify, you would not be the first to hire a private caregiver to work in a residence, but you would be among the few families that do and are happy they did. The initial and continued extra cost is difficult to accept especially because your loved one is already paying to live in a residence. Think of it as an insurance policy, if situations in the residence do arise then the cost becomes irrelevant.

Any “extra” services in a residence on top of the base rental cost usually comes at an above average cost. Take the time to compare the residence cost and hiring a private caregiver. You may come to find that hiring a private caregiver is a cheaper option.

It would be wonderful to report that all the long term care senior residence issues have been solved across the globe, that certain standards have been put in place, and that they are being followed, but it simply is not the case and we have a long way to go in regulating what is actually going on in each long term care facility. Covid-19 exposed where all the weak points are in our long term care homes.

Remember that you do have many options to add on to the current care plan. Your private caregiver will be your extra set of eyes and ears, and bring you peace of mind. Information and knowledge are power, the more people you talk to about their experiences, groups you join, residences you visit, questions you ask, the better off your family will be.

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✔️ Caregiver Job Description
✔️ Care Plan
✔️ Care Plan Review
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✔️ ‘Need a Caregiver’ Sample Post
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✔️ Termination of Employment Letter
✔️ Covid-19 Visitor Health Form
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✔️ Senior Personal Care-Hygiene Chart
✔️ Daily Food Log
✔️ Incident/Accident Report
✔️ Recovery Progress Notes
✔️ Care Directives Information Sheet
✔️ Senior Community Services Contact List
✔️ Medical Contacts Sheet
✔️ Medical File Log
✔️ Medication List
✔️ Weekly Medication Tracker
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker
✔️ Vitamin Supplement List
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✔️ Letter of Recommendation
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✔️ Caregiver Tax Receipt (yearly care costs)

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