What types of caregiving services for seniors are available

private caregiver for seniors

Caregiving services can provide an additional bridge of emotional and physical support for seniors

Seniors want to feel connected to what matters most to them. Caregiving services for seniors can have great benefits. Every senior is unique and has their own set of essential needs that have to be met, as well as what they want on a daily basis. Just to provide an example, it could be a senior who simply wants to get out and socialize and stay active in the community, while another senior may be in their room or bed a better part of the day and simply need companionship and someone present. 

To have a private caregiver come in 1 to 3 times a week it can really help a senior to keep a good routine, stay active mentally and physically, and experience new things that will add to the overall quality of their life. Private caregivers can represent hope to a senior and that can be very powerful when looking forward to the later stages of life. Hope in the sense that it can be enjoyed, and that each minute alive is worth living and a gift.

Here are just some caregiving services that a private caregiver can provide for your senior loved one(s)

The everyday tasks for a senior can become more of a challenge as time goes on. A caregiver can be there to facilitate these tasks and make them seem easy and most importantly fun again. 

Caregiving Services

senior care services-hire a private caregiver

Senior outings
(dinning, museums, library, movie, theater, ballet, opera, weddings, funerals, gala dinners, festivals, religious services, scenic drive etc.) For seniors who can not get out to these activities on their own they will simply stay home and miss out on great opportunities that they now finally have time and the finances to enjoy.

We underestimate the everyday chores such as grocery shopping. A senior will plan the day, time, how to get their and back home, what to buy based on what they can physically carry, work within a budget, face the parking, what to do with the walker or cane when you need to push a grocery basket, the long walk through the store to collect items, pack items in the car, how to unload the car, and finally how to get the groceries from the car to inside the house and put away.

(pharmacy shopping, bank, etc.)

(Doctor, Optometrist, Dentist, Specialists, Hairdresser, Podiatrist, beauty salon & spa, etc.)

(keeping the house or room in the residence clean and tidy)

Bathing & Grooming
(assistance with getting in and out of bath, washing, shaving, cleaning teeth/dentures, assistance with toilet/diapers etc.)

Meal Prep and serve meals
(Same day preparation or advanced preparation)

For senior meal ideas 

Exercise with Senior 
(walking, biking, swimming, bowling, golf range, gardening etc.)

Pet Care
(daily walks, changing litters, replenishing food, water, organizing grooming and veterinary appointments)

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