Start planning senior care 

planning senior care

Do you find yourself caught between the stresses of caring for your aging parent as well as for your own children? If so, you are part of the “sandwich generation”.

Begin planning senior care for the people you love most in your life.

The idea here is to make this experience of selecting a caregiver as stress free as possible. One of the best ways is to seek assistance and guidance, is to learn from people who have already faced similar situations. Listen to what they did right and how they could have improved in their own situation.

We can help you start the caregiver selection process

Cooperation and Communication is the most important when it comes to planning senior care. All parties involved in the senior care plan, must understand very clearly all expectations concerning what care is required and how it will be provided.

Some Family members may have a hard time to accept that they can not do it all themselves. Over time they become overwhelmed with the increase in daily care needs, and at some point experience what is otherwise known as caregiver stress

A good way of planning senior care is to consider the following:

  • Plan ahead- by not planning senior care ahead it could most likely lead to impulsive decisions which, may have a have negative impact on your life, as well as the senior.  Is it time to start thinking of hiring a caregiver as a supplement or some replacement to the care you are currently providing? Doing so would allow more time for your own family, and anything else that may also need your attention.
  • Family communication- When you or all of you decide as a Family that you are ready and accept the idea of additional senior care, you may then face reluctance from the senior to allow someone else i.e. the caregiver into their home. Each senior’s reaction will be different. By selecting the right caregiver you will all have a much greater chance for a smoother transition.
  • Determine senior needs- One of the first steps to taking real action is to determine what the exact needs of your senior loved one(s) are and then begin your caregiver search with that in mind.

hire a private caregiver guide and templates

The ‘Hire a private caregiver guide’ also includes 40+ professional senior care templates

? Home Care Templates(non-medical)

40+ Senior Care Templates

✔️ Hire a Private Caregiver Checklist
✔️ Home Safety Checklist
✔️ Residence Information Sheet
✔️ Senior Care Requirements Checklist
✔️ Caregiver Time Sheets
✔️ Caregiver Job Description
✔️ Care Plan
✔️ Care Plan Review
✔️ Dietary Profile Sheet
✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist
✔️ Senior Care Information Form
✔️ ‘Need a Caregiver’ Sample Post
✔️ Caregiver Employment Application
✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire
✔️ Full Caregiver Interview Questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver Reference Check-Call Script
✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement
✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract
✔️ Caregiver Job Offer Letter
✔️ Termination of Employment Letter
✔️ Covid-19 Visitor Health Form
✔️ Senior Housekeeping Chart
✔️ Senior Personal Care-Hygiene Chart
✔️ Daily Food Log
✔️ Incident/Accident Report
✔️ Recovery Progress Notes
✔️ Care Directives Information Sheet
✔️ Senior Community Services Contact List
✔️ Medical Contacts Sheet
✔️ Medical File Log
✔️ Medication List
✔️ Weekly Medication Trackers
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker
✔️ Vitamin Supplement List
✔️ Emergency Medical Information
✔️ Letter of Recommendation
✔️ Visitor Sign in and out Sheet
✔️ Employee Letter of Recommendation
✔️ Toileting Charts
✔️ Visitor Sign in and out Sheet
✔️ Caregiver Tax Receipt (yearly care costs -to have you or your caregiver fill out)
✔️ Senior Care Invoice (To give to your hired caregiver to use to keep care costs in order)

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