List of ways how to find a private caregiver

how to find a private caregiver


Consider the following before you find out how to find a private caregiver  

  • What type and what level of healthcare training is needed?
  • Any language skills or other special skills needed.
  • Experience working with memory impairments or other disabilities.
  • Ability to operate any special equipment.
  • Has a valid drivers license 
  • A person in good health

After you have determined what kind of in-home help you were looking for the next step in this process is how to find a private caregiver by placing job posting on the right care job board sites. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a private caregiver is helpful when sorting through all of the individuals providing caregiving services. It is recommended that you write a detailed caregiver job description, including the specific services you will expect from the private caregiver that you hire.

Consider if the senior receiving care will be more comfortable with a private caregiver who shares their cultural background and or language, if they have a preference between male and female caregivers, and if the hired private caregivers will be assisting with personal care duties.

Listed here are a few resources for finding qualified private caregivers

  • Referrals from family and friends
  • Independent living centers, senior centers, religious congregations, or national health organizations (i.e. Alzheimer’s Association)
  • Local College/University career offices, especially those with nursing or social work programs
  • Bank Trustees, Investment Bankers, and Notaries may also be good sources to turn to. Often times quality caregivers will reach out to professionals who may benefit from having this additional value to extend to their senior clients when home assistance is required.

As an employer you can post your caregiver job listing, or you can search the resumes and profiles of job seekers on many websites offering free postings for caregivers and families looking for caregivers.

Visit Free Online Caregiving Advertising for more information.

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Included with Hire a Private Caregiver Template pack is a step by step guide to the hiring process

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