seniors and social isolation

COVID-19 Seniors and Social Isolation

How do we deal with Covid-19 seniors and social isolation through this crisis

These are uncertain times for the entire economy worldwide. Every single person has been affected in some way or another either personally or professionally, or both.

Our primary concern is obviously our health, and then second our overall well being. All local businesses have been affected by the strong advisory to keep a social distance.

We now all aware that the most vulnerable in this crisis is our senior population and people with underlying health issues.

Senior residences are working hard to keep our seniors safe, but long term care workers face their own challenges as schools and daycares are closing and staff may need to be at home with their kids. They may have contracted the coronavirus, or are scared to even go to work.

Senior homes are limiting entry to essential visitors and personnel only  in order to protect their health. Seniors residences who may be facing staff shortages now have a new challenge with family members being closed off to visits with their senior loved one(s).

One grey area that is not being talked a lot about are the homes that are allowing homecare companies and private caregivers to enter. The issue is that some are and some aren’t. Families are trying to find any means possible to gain access to their loved ones.

Social isolation is a great concern for our seniors, especially those who live with dementia. For some seniors it can have a very negative impact. It is delicate balance between the social well being of a senior and dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

seniors in social isolation covid-19


So where to go from here is the concern we now have for our senior population. We must remain patient and protect the people who are most vulnerable health wise. The government had to act quickly to contain the spread and came up with the quickest and simplest plan of action to help remedy the situation at hand.

Most likely over time the public health advisors will come to recognize the impact of the lost visits from family, friends and private caregivers, and come up with a long term plan with new care policies in place to protect our seniors while visiting.

Our worldwide quarantine may go on for weeks – and the pressure will fall heavy on the government to implement responsible and safe changes in seniors residences in order to allow visits.

The best thing you can do at the moment to take part in some of these changes would be to contact your local government representative and explain the importance of your visits.

The only way for the high level decision makers to solve an issue is for them to be made aware. They need to made aware as quickly as possible.

Please know that you are not alone! There are many supportive facebook groups that share your frustrations.

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