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  • hire a private caregiver step-by-step guide and professional forms-wise caregiving (3)

    Hire a Private Caregiver Guide+18 Hiring Templates


    All the tools you need to hire a private caregiver in this digital guide book, including 18 essential templates that were created by a senior care professional.

    Simply download the forms when you are ready and make the personalized adjustments you want!

    When you hire a private caregiver, your loves one(s) will obtain a personalized care experience, and at the same time greatly reduce COVID-19 entering their residence. This guide book will lead you quickly through each necessary step to find, screen, and employ a quality private caregiver. 

    The senior care templates will help get you organized and protected. The 'hire a private caregiver guide & template pack' is so helpful if you are new to this process.

    I can help you find a quality caregiver that is kind, patient, committed, and professional. Over the years working in senior care I have seen and felt the frustrations of families needing reliable care support, and I want to help as many of you as I can so that you can enjoy spending time with your senior loved one(s) in their final years. 

    17 Senior Care Forms 

    ✔️ Hire caregiver checklist
    ✔️ Caregiver employment application form
    ✔️ Caregiver job description form
    ✔️ Senior care information form
    ✔️ Caregiver employment agreement (long form)
    ✔️ Caregiver employment contract (short form)
    ✔️ Pre-interview caregiver questionnaire
    ✔️ Caregiver interview questionnaire
    ✔️ Caregiver reference check questionnaire
    ✔️ Caregiver visit report
    ✔️ Senior housekeeping chart
    ✔️ Senior hygiene care chart
    ✔️ Senior care invoice
    ✔️ Looking for caregiver job post template
    ✔️ Tax receipt for senior care
    ✔️ Covid-19 Senior visit health form
    ✔️ Senior home Safety checklist (private home/residence)
    ✔️ Food and Hydration Chart

    How will these templates help you?

    ⭐ Guide you through a process
    Caregiver selection process
    ⭐ Clarify expectations
    ⭐ Better communication
    ⭐ Increased a
    ⭐ Better care response

    Easy to use and modify
    Quick access to medical info(emergency)
    Organization- uniformity in forms
    ⭐ Have potential back up caregivers on file
    ⭐ Avoids liability issues 🔒
    ⭐ Simplify accounting

    Main Features:

    ✔️ Reusable (MASTER files)
    ✔️ Easy to edit forms
    ✔️ Simple to change any excel formula
    ✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
    ✔️ Print to PDF
    ✔️ Send electronically!
    ✔️ Printable forms 🖨️

    ➡️ How to use senior care invoice instructions included
    ➡️ How to download and access files

    📥 Download and you will have access immediately!

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  • senior care information form template

    Senior Care Information Form


    Senior Care Information Form Template

    Have access to information during appointments, medical emergencies, or to help the new private caregiver become familiar with senior before the first meeting. 

    This template is perfect for:

    ✔️ Families, or person(s) in charge of hiring private caregiver(s)

    How can this template help?

    One main source of care directives
    ⭐ Better communication with care team
    ⭐ Accountability among care team
    ⭐ Quick access to information in appointments
    ⭐ Administrative uniformity
    ⭐ Form repetition saves time
    ⭐ Assessment dated & documented
    ⭐ Avoids confusion
    ⭐ Confidence when situations arise
    ⭐ Make informed decisions

    Main Features:

    ✔️ Master File - WORD
    ✔️ Easy to edit forms
    ✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
    ✔️ Print to PDF
    ✔️ Printable 🖨️

    📥 Download and use immediately!

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