Hire In Home Caregiver Guide

Learn the best way to hire a private independent caregiver! Take the right steps in the hiring process to avoid countless complications, heartache and conflict when hiring private care for a senior loved one(s).

Table of Contents

✔️ About Author-Current Senior Care Provider
✔️ Introduction
✔️ Getting Started
✔️ Formal and Informal Caregivers
✔️ Caregiver Stress Caused by Common Mistakes
✔️ Planning Senior Care
✔️ Types of Senior Care
✔️ Private Caregiver Services
✔️ Senior Outing Ideas
✔️ Caregiver Services at Seniors Residence
✔️ What to Consider Before you Hire a Caregiver
✔️ 10 Steps to Find a Quality Caregiver
✔️ Where to Post a Caregiver Wanted Ad
✔️ Screening Private Caregivers
✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Candidates
✔️ Caregiver Interview (in person/virtual)
✔️ What to ask Caregiver References
✔️ Caregiver Background Check
✔️ Basic Caregiver Training and Skills Required
✔️ Cost of Private Caregiver Services
✔️ Secure the Mandate (professional senior care forms-available in shop)

This guide was written by Danielle Foley who currently works and owns a home care company in Senior Care. She is sharing her 14+ years of experience with you so that you can enjoy the final years with your loved one(s) instead of stressing over finding reliable help.

This guide will help you find and select the right caregiver that will fit your individual family needs. Their are so many private caregivers out there, you just need to know where to look!


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