Important questions to ask in the caregiver interview

Caregiver interview questions

Before scheduling face-to-face or virtual caregiver interview with any potential applicants, do some initial screening to ensure the person is appropriate for the caregiver position.

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In your email template a reiteration of the description of the job position is a good idea. You can state specific expectations, as well as time of day needed, hours and offered wage, flat rate or salary. 

Caregiver interview questions

Preview of the interview questionnaire that you can customize to each applicant. Available for purchase in the ‘Hire a private caregiver kit’ (link below)

Some of the most important caregiver interview questions to ask 

  • Why are you in this line of work?
  • What kind of special training, if any, have you had?
  • What types of work do you enjoy? Do you not enjoy?
  • Do you have any physical or emotional problems that would hinder you in this job?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime? What? Where? When?
  • Do you mind being around somebody who smokes or drinks?
  • Will it bother you to work around a cluttered house?
  • Would you be willing to transport “senior’s name” to medical appointments or on other activity outings?
  • Is there anything on my “job description form” that you can’t or won’t do?
  • Concerning outings, is “senior’s name” responsible to pay for the meals if you are on an outing? How do you deal with the financial side of things? Do you pay up front and I reimburse you at billing time? Or does “senior’s name” have to have a way to pay?
  • How does billing work? Methods of payment? What are the payment periods? Do I have a choice?
  • When do you start charging? Where does the base charge start from? Upon arrival to senior’s location or from your location?
  • Will you be willing to work holidays? Is there an extra fee? Mondays and Fridays tend to land on Holidays.
  • Can you work on weekends? Will you charge more for these days?
  • etc.

This caregiver interview questionnaire template will give you the ability to ask the same questions to all the applicants for comparison purposes. In the notes section of the template when the interview is finished you can write down your impressions, concerns, questions, or something the applicant said that stood out in a negative or positive way.

Download template

caregiver interview questionnaire form template-HPC-wise caregiving

This caregiver interview template can also be purchased in the ‘Hire a Private Caregiver Kit’ for 24.95

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